Since their inception in 1991, Grief were at the forefront of the Sludge metal movement. Founded by Disrupt guitarist Terry Savastano, Grief were as raw as Disrupt, but with a much slower, droning, and depressive sound. Terry’s early Grief songs make up a majority of the now legendary Grief release, “Dismal”. Songs like ‘Depression’, ‘The Drone”, and “Fucked Upstairs’ provided the blueprint for all Grief songs throughout their existence. Grief split in 2001, and aside from a couple reunion attempts in the mid/late 2000’s, following the release of the final studio album, “…and Man Will Become the Hunted”, Grief split for good. Fast forward to 2014, Terry took the first steps towards his version of a Grief reunion. This time under the name “Come to Grief” (after the Grief album), Terry rounded out the lineup of with bassist Justin Christian(ex-Morgion), vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Hebert, and former Grief drummer Chuck Conlon, who appeared on the final Grief studio recordings including “…and Man Will Become The Hunted”. After fine-tuning their set throughout 2015, Come to Grief played their first show in January 2016. Throughout 2016 and 2017, Come to Grief played all over the North America, and on April 20, 2017 they released “The Worst of Times” through Fuck Yoga Records, followed by a European tour with dates in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark, including the festivals Northern Discomfort (Copenhagen, DK), Doom Over Leipzig (DE), and Roadburn (NL).