In 1991, Terry Savastano, the former Disrupt guitarist, set out to create a new sound. Drawing from his early influences like Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus, Terry wanted the sound to be heavy, slower, and more miserable. The result was what the world knows as the seminal doom-sludge band, Grief, from Boston, Massachusetts. 

Grief had a series of releases over the 1990s and into the early 2000s, along with a history of lineup changes and hiatuses. Terry, the band’s founder, remained one of the constant members until he left in 2005 to pursue new projects. Grief edged on with a different lineup for a while but was ultimately put to rest. 

Upon meeting former Morgion and Keen of the Crow bassist Justin Christian in 2014, the two discussed Terry’s idea of the Come to Grief concept, named after the band’s debut full-length album Come to Grief (Century Media Records). It would be neither a reunion nor a revue of the Grief catalog. Instead Come to Grief would focus on early Grief songs written by or with Terry. 

Terry and Justin started a search for a vocalist and a drummer. Jonathan Hebert was brought on board in early 2015 as a vocalist and guitarist. The three began rehearsing a solid set of songs. Also in 2015, Chuck Conlon, a former Grief drummer (including the full-length And Man Will Become the Hunted), completed the band. With an ever-expanding set of early Grief songs, the band also began writing and rehearsing new music to complement the Grief material. 

Come to Grief played its first show in January 2016 to a nearly sold-out crowd in Massachusetts. The band has spent the year touring extensively around the United States. With a steady stream of new songs being written and played live, the band intends to enter the studio this winter for an early 2017 release on Fuck Yoga Records (Macedonia). Tour plans for 2017 include a series of dates in Europe as well as more US cities.